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Ideas and advice for a holiday with the family in the North of Sardinia: sea, Nature and entertainment for the youngest guests.

Are you choosing where to spend your holidays with your children in order to enjoy an unforgettable family summer? Finding the right destination for a beach holiday with young children involves looking closely at the place, the facilities and the beaches that will make your children’s days fun and their parents’ days stress free. Here are some tips and ideas to help you prepare your holiday with the whole family:

Beaches suitable for children in the North of Sardinia

Among the Badesi sand dunes right on the long Li Junchi beach, you can share special moments with your children: long hours of swimming, walks on the shore to gather stones and shells that decorate the sand castles built with Dad’s help! After months of work and effort, spending entire days by the sea in Northern Sardinia with the children becomes a special occasion for sharing and relaxation to be enjoyed to the utmost. The beaches at Badesi on the Golfo dell’Asinara, like the nearby fully equipped beach at Isola Rossa and the bay at Li Cossi, with theirshallow bottoms and transparent water are an ideal place for a trip with small children and teenagers. Places immersed in nature, to enjoy new and entertaining experiences every day.


Family friendly holiday villages and Hotels

The holiday villages on the North Sardinia sea are a dream, offering nurseries, mini clubs for children and teen clubs for teenagers and they are certainly the best choice to make sure you enjoy a great holiday. While your children play, do creative activities, or take windsurfing lessons, you parents could enjoy a well earned rest by the pool or pamper yourselves at the Hotel Wellness centre which offers massages, treatments and fitness. And don’t forget to let the children eat healthily while on holiday! The best restaurants of the hotels in Sardinia pay close attention to the authenticity of products and origin of their meat, fruits and vegetables. The kind of food to give children on holiday is something not to be overlooked, above all for the peace of mind of their parents; important to choose cooking that features 0 km ingredients, able to satisfy all tastes and special requirements.


Free time and activities in the open air

Here in Badesi children never get bored and their parents enjoy a peaceful family holiday! Games, creativity and sports are the perfect mix to make children feel that they are on holiday and let them enjoy new and stimulating experiences together with lots of new friends. Socializing and sharing and playing in the outdoors are just a few reasons to choose a holiday by the sea in Badesi.


The Resort & SPA Le Dune is a family friendly hotel in Sardinia with a special focus on children, free under 6 years old, and young people up to the age of 18. With 10,000 square meters of fully equipped play area, children can give free rein to their imagination in the midst of unspoiled nature. Here the smallest children, always followed by the entertainment staff, look after the resort’s vegetable garden and have access to an aviary where they can pick wholesome vegetables, carrots, peppers, zucchini and collect the eggs laid by free-range hens, all of which are then eaten at the Peter Pan restaurant, obviously reserved for those under 14!

For older children instead there are basketball and beach volleyball tournaments on the beach. Sports enthusiasts can take free catamaran sailing lessons or do archery. At night the teen club (off limits to adults), is the corner of the resort where young people aged 14 to 18 spend special evenings in complete safety. Time to have fun together, after days spent swimming and doing sports on Badesi beach, with a happy hour featuring non-alcoholic cocktails and music.

A whole range of offers for your seaside holiday with children . Paradise for young and old alike with all the comforts and services of luxury beachfront hotels by the North Sardinian sea.

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