Aggius: walks with a view in the heart of Gallura

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Aggius: walks with a view in the heart of Gallura

Among oak forests and granite rocks, discover panoramic routes to photograph postcard landscapes around the village of Aggius

Do you want to take a break from the shoreline without ever straying from the natural views and scents of the island? Aggius, a small stone village where the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club has been flying since 2005 to today, is one of the most appreciated destinations in Gallura for the beauty of the natural parks surrounding it.

Santa Degna Park

A place with a fairy-tale atmosphere, Santa Degna Park is home to geese, turtles, and carp. The artificial pond that welcomes them is truly the heart of the park. A romantic wooden bridge offers the chance to take panoramic photos and reach the other side of the lake to immerse yourself in dense vegetation.
The Santa Degna pond did not exist in the past; instead, there was a stream, Lu Riu Mannu. This little river made its way through the rocks and was also called La Pitraia (in Italian “stone field”). Here, the women of the village washed clothes with a particular lye, the white ashes of burnt wood washed away by the rains, an effective and fragrant natural detergent.

From the stone square in front of the pond starts a path that leads to the ruins of the church of Santa Degna, from which the park takes its name. A more relaxing alternative might be to rest under the trees in the equipped areas of the square and in the woods. As well as in the kiosk, you can also sit down on various stone benches and tables near the pond.

Aggius excursions: the landscape along the scenic road

The Scenic Road

From Santa Degna pond begins the scenic road of Aggius. The road encircles the village, crossing the mountainous crown that serves as the backdrop to the village. If you turn left towards Trinità d’Agultu, the road leads to the Moon Valley; if you follow it all the way, you reach the Capizza Park, ideal for relaxing after an excursion on Monte della Croce or Monte Fraili.
If you are a fan of myths and legends, you should know that Monte della Croce is the setting for one of the most well-known legends of the village. It tells that during the terrible years of feuds that tormented Gallura in the 18th and 19th centuries, a devil used to appear from the top of the “Tamburu” mountain and shout “Aggius mine, Aggius mine, when will come the day I will take you away in a whirlwind”. Finally, in the second half of the 19th century, a missionary arrived and found a remedy for the torment of the Aggesi, climbed to the top of Monte della Croce, and affixed an iron cross (still there today), freeing all the inhabitants from the curse.

Aggius excursions: Moon Valley

The Moon Valley

For those who love to collect postcards of natural landscapes, the Moon Valley is another must-visit destination amidst the greenery surrounding the village of Aggius.
Right behind the village and its majestic Resegone, a plain known as the Piana dei Grandi Sassi (Plain of the Large Rocks) extends, due to the numerous granite rocks that make it resemble a lunar surface. Generally, those who venture through the dirt roads of the valley enjoy letting their imagination run wild, searching the granite rocks for profiles of people, animals, and objects. An example is the famous hooded monk rock, near the church of San Filippo.

Among the views to capture in the Moon Valley, there is certainly the long straight that divides the plain into two areas. The Resegone and the distant Monte Limbara in the background make the landscape the perfect setting for a “spaghetti western”. Another unmissable postcard can be taken from the viewpoint, while enjoying an aperitif in the kiosk.

Aggius excursions: Nuraghe Izzana

Right near the viewpoint starts another of the trails that cross the valley. As you follow it, you can see dry stone walls and fruit bushes, such as strawberry tree and wild blackberry plants, besides the sight of cows grazing under the sun or in the shade of a cork oak. At the end of the trail, you arrive at the evocative Nuraghe Izzana, one of the largest in Gallura. Here too, the landscape deserves a snap to take home among the most unique memories of your holiday in Gallura.

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